Zodiac Tarot

Friends! Join me on YouTube for daily & weekly Tarot Readings per Zodiac Sign!

For the past year (or more) I have been creating monthly Zodiac Tarot Readings for each sign. Typically my readings turn into love-focused (love tarot) readings, but they also include general, financial and career information as well!

As these tarot card readings are thousands of people, they might not resonate with you. However, as with any advice from spirit, hearing the message might be beneficial for you.

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Daily Tarot

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  1. Philippe M Blincow says:

    Good morrow!!! Hi Dharma its me Philippe Blincow one your faithful followers and fellow member of the Crow tribe on YouTube and Instagram! I would love to book a private reading for my birthday this month but can’t figure out how it works on this website. If you could talk me through it that would be fantastic. Look forward to hearing from you and setting up something soon. Although we are across the continent from each other I feel like are crows have crossed paths LOL you definitely seem to hit the nail on the head every time as if you tune into my energy well! Everybody in my house watches you we adore you and your little family! Thanks again We Lava You!


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