Songs For Star Signs

Happy Sunday Friends! This morning over coffee I thoroughly entertained myself by really embracing the dreamy, Neptune nature of Pisces. I spent some time searching for a song that best represents each zodiac sign. If you have any suggestions for the next round, comment below!

Tarot by Zodiac

Enjoy monthly tarot card readings on my YouTube Channel DharmaJane8 ! They are set up to read the energy of your sun sign, though it is sometimes helpful to watch the video for your moon, rising and Venus signs as well.

Veil Walker

A Veil Walker is one who can freely travel through all planes of existence.

Modern Vampires : Energivores

There has been much hype over vampires since the dawn of literature. From the classic “Dracula” all the way to today’s sparkling boyfriends of the dark. However, if you look at the vampire culture, we can actually say they still exist. Original vampires are said to drain the life force of their victim; throughout history…

The Moment of Unfoldment : Experiences in Spirituality

My journey into spiritualism started as a young child with the smell of Nag Champa. I grew up in many different upper middle class suburbs with super right-winged conservative, extremely Catholic parents and this smell was not something that we kept around any of our abodes. We moved about every 2-4 years of my life…

Self Realization Through Sahaja Yoga

Some of the signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening include general feelings of warmth and love on a consistent basis, the lack of want to dwell on past events, looking at daily life in a positive manner and even the inner desire to want to eat better. Spiritual Awakening is a beautiful thing. At one…

Please Take A Moment To Change Your Life

Please take a moment to pay careful attention. Watch and learn, love and listen. The time for awareness, consciousness and change is now. If you do not understand, please watch this short by Steve Cuts. If you are following a path of spirituality, you may find yourself inclined to share this video. MAN: The Cruelty…