Pick A Card Tarot

Have you ever wondered, who is coming towards me? Who is my soulmate? Who is my twin flame? What are they thinking about me?

Tarot – The Fool

A simple boy and his dog, embracing the warmth of the sun, happy and ready for whatever life brings him. He is ready to step out into the world, possibly without considering if he is ready or not.

Veil Walker

A Veil Walker is one who can freely travel through all planes of existence.

Exciting News For Empaths, LightWorkers & the Newly Awakening!

Friends! I am so entirely happy to be returning to Following Dharma! It has been quite an interesting two years since the last time I wrote publicly. I have a good reason though! I have been writing the book that you all have been asking for, for years! It is in its final stages and…