Humor & Mantis; Life Experiences Connect with Spirit Animals

Upon my desk sat a Praying Mantis; a concomitant to living in the country. And so I felt the need to kindly help him outside by letting him grasp ahold my pen. The result was an accidental jab into his mantis gut followed by echos of, “This is Sparta!” as I watched him fall into the darkness that dwells behind this workplace. Both saddened and guilty, I went about my day and left the room.

Hours later upon my return, I was attacked by said mantis. Tiny anger and screams ensued as he swooped out of the rafters from Hades and landed on my person. Death was upon me, infused with hysterical demon-like laughter out of my own spawn, who have successfully and repeatedly proven to be of no help in these situations. After visions of my extinct life passing before me, he fell to the ground and I proceeded to flee. Here he hides still, lurking, watching, evermore.

93.6% a true story.

Dharma Jane, 2016

As comical as this instance in my life may have been, the important piece of knowledge to take from this moment is that I did, in fact, have an interaction with a Praying Mantis, rather, the spirit of the mantis. This is how spirit communicates with us, through symbolism and small interactions with 3D beings. It is up to us to be aware in the moment, or thereafter, that it has happened.

Once you realize you’ve had a spiritual interaction, the next step is to do a little research. If it is an animal or insect, you could do a web search for something along the lines of, “Praying Mantis Spirit Medicine”. You will be given an excellent sense of direction to find more information from there.

In terms of the Mantis, its medicine talks about concentration as patience and creativity will strengthen wisdom and intuition. If you see a Praying Mantis, you are asked to remember to take the time to meditate and connect with spirit.

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