Pick A Card Tarot

Have you ever wondered, who is coming towards me? Who is my soulmate? Who is my twin flame? What are they thinking about me?

I have wondered the same thing! So, in response I created these new and fun readings that may help you find some answers. These are called “Pick A Card” readings. To play, look at the decks/stones together, and decide while pile speaks to you the most. This is also another exciting way to work with your guides and intuition. If you breathe deeply first and focus your mind, then look at the cards and chose the first one that you are drawn to. A person should do this often (trusting intuition) as once you get really comfortable with it, you get led and guided in directions that take you higher.

The first reading is “Who is your Soul Mate”

The next is “How do they feel about me”

I hope these resonate for you! I had a lot of fun making them. Join me monthly for Tarot by Zodiac, Love Tarot and Solar Year readings!

For private readings, click here

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