Tarot – The Fool

Today we begin a series on tarot readings; more specifically into each and every card in the deck. In order to deepen an intuitive practice and to enhance online readings, I think it is important that we take the time to look at each card and to discuss why it has the meaning it does. When you read tarot cards, their placement, direction, number sequence, and imagery will all play a role into the message the cards bring in context to the question at hand.

These traditional and well-known tarot cards began to gain popularity in the mid 18th century, but it was actually for a card game much like our modern bridge game. Over time, these cards have been manipulated and developed as seeing cards.

A tarot deck does not have to have a specific amount of cards, as new styles of decks are being created every day. But, the traditional deck has 78 cards. This begins with 22 major arcana cards starting with 0, and 56 minor cards divided into suits usually swords, wands, pentacles, and cups.

The first step to tarot cards and tarot readings is learning what each card means and why. We will start with the major arcana and move through the deck day by day. When you draw a card, hold it in your hand, look at the imagery, consider its placement (upright or reversed) and consider what cards it touches in the spread.

0 – The Fool

Quick Meaning: Innocence, New beginnings, rose-colored glasses

Reversed: Impulsive, Risk-Taking, Naivety

A simple boy and his dog, embracing the warmth of the sun, happy and ready for whatever life brings him. He is ready to step out into the world, possibly without considering if he is ready or not. In reverse, The Fool does things without thinking about them first, impulsive and risky and may bring difficult aspects to new situations. The Fool brings the number 0 which doesn’t hold it to any number sequence in the rest of the deck. This means that it can hold just as much significance and power next to any card or on its own.

Do you have additional translations?

If you read the Fool card with other divinatory meanings, please share. The more collective conscious we have together, the more spiritually ascended we all become.

Have a wonderful day.


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