Exciting News For Empaths, LightWorkers & the Newly Awakening!

Friends! I am so entirely happy to be returning to Following Dharma! It has been quite an interesting two years since the last time I wrote publicly. I have a good reason though! I have been writing the book that you all have been asking for, for years! It is in its final stages and I am bringing it out tonight to announce it to you! So without further ado:

Veil Walking

A practical workbook for meeting your spirit guides, working with angels, astral projection, seeing past lives, neo-shamanism, finding your spirit animal, communicating with spirits, finding self realization, and learning your true path in this world.


Veil Walker One who walks freely between all planes of existence
“Work in the Light to Stay in the Light”
– Viave Atoish
For Jamie.....my muse.

Are you an Empath? A LightWorker? Earth Angel? StarSeed or Indigo? A LightWarrior? A Healer? Are you not sure of a label, but know that you have a higher calling? Do you have the ability to sense things, feelings or energy? You are not alone! In fact, you posses many more capabilities than you might be aware of! In this workbook, you will learn how to set up a place to meditate, how to prepare for this type of experience, yoga and breathing techniques, and so much more all before even going through the veil. The workbook offers dozens of guided meditations, breathing exercises, guided astral projections and links on how to find like minded people!

If you have ever wanted to meet your spirit guide, spirit animal or angels, if you have ever been curious about your past life or your future, if you need to know how to control all the power you posses, if you need to find self realization, then this workbook is for you.

Additionally, the workbook is an interactive dream and meditation journal giving you the space you need to record your progress, notes and thoughts all in one place.

Title Availability : Spring 2017


(eBook) Amazon.com Kindle

(Paperback) Barnes &  Noble and wherever books are sold online.

The best part…I am waiting to hear from you! I am so excited to learn about your journey, answer your questions and experience your joy of awakening with you.

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