Modern Vampires : Energivores

energyThere has been much hype over vampires since the dawn of literature. From the classic “Dracula” all the way to today’s sparkling boyfriends of the dark. However, if you look at the vampire culture, we can actually say they still exist. Original vampires are said to drain the life force of their victim; throughout history this has been known as drinking blood.

In the spiritualist community, however, the life force is our energy. It is the soul and what we use daily to continue moving through this plane of existence. Therefore, could we not say that vampires do suck the life out of us, just not blood? The terms that are most widely used for this type of vampire is an “Energivore”, “Psychic Vampire”, “Pranic Vampire”, or “Psi-vamp”.

We all have them in our lives, but the hard part is recognizing what they are and then gathering the strength to get away from them. Many Lightworkers find themselves surrounded by Psychic Vampires. This is due to the fact that Lightworkers have an immense amount of energy that exhumes from them, naturally drawing the Energivore to their presence.

A psychic vampire is someone who comes into your space (head space, heart space, physical space) and continually picks or nags about you. They make you feel less than. They always have something negative to say about people and or situations. After they leave you, a person walking in the Light is left sad, depressed, extremely exhausted, angry and even bitter. It’s almost as if these energivores have the ability to take your light, and replace it with their darkness. Like an energy transfer.



Recognizing an Energivore:

It is up to you, the person walking in the Light, to recognize a vampire when you see one or feel one. It is easiest to determine whether a person is a psi-vamp after they have left your presence. First, notice how you feel before a person comes around. It may help as a life-long lesson to check yourself and your mood before you come into any contact with another person. Then, observe your time with the person. Then observe your feelings after. If you have any feelings other than peace (and can disassociate other feelings and zone in on the interaction), you have most likely encountered and energivore.

Once you have declared said person as toxic to your inner self, it is again up to you, to end the relationship. It is important to remember who you are and your standards. There is no need to start any drama or fight. Sometimes the best weapon in self defense is silence. Silence and removing yourself from the situation. If this person is part of your social group, find a new social group. It is detrimental to your spiritual self to allow a parasite to suck all of your life energy away.

A second way to protect yourself from an energivore is to simply make a protective psychic bubble. This is an extremely easy feat and can be done with the help of your guides and angels, and may also be a great lesson to help you connect with your spiritual team.




To make a protective bubble:

Imagine yourself surrounded by white light, all the way around you from your feet to your head. Then, press the bubble to stretch out until you are in the center of a large ball of white light. Next, shutterstock_112075853begin to wrap energy cords around the bubble. Ask your guides to show you a cord if you have never seen one. If you’d like to try on your own, consciously ask to see a cord, reach out and grab one. It looks like a rope. Proceed to build your bubble, wrapping and wrapping until there are no holes. You can then add things to your bubble like flowers or anything that makes you feel good to cover all holes in your psychic energy. Once your bubble is built, you should be protected. It is important, though, to travel to your third eye throughout the day and notice if there has been any damage.

You might find if you are practicing this sample, that after you encounter an energy vampire your protective bubble is a mess. Their energy spent a lot of time trying to break into your space and to take from you. It is important to repair your protective space immediately.


I am sending out love to you and I would love to hear any questions comments and concerns!


Watch out for the vampers! Protect and love yourself and others.

Have a good one

Dharma J

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gary Leigh says:

    Good advice. Personally, I think coming from a place of love rather than fear or attack is the major key to being safe. That, and listening to your feelings and intuition, esp when you sense danger.


    1. Dharma Jane says:

      I absolutely agree. Coming from a place of love in every aspect of life is important!

      Though, my personal belief is coming from a place of awareness first is also important. So many people aren’t aware of what has happened to them until after the fact. So, by being aware and conscious, transitioning to love of all things comes with ease 🙂


      1. Gary Leigh says:

        Yes, well stated. Awareness is the key. Most are oblivious nowaways, much to their detriment.


      2. Dharma Jane says:

        Agreed. I think that is why so many Lightworkers are waking up right now. To awaken the oblivious and then we can all drive home together…but, baby-steps. lol


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