Visiting the Spirit of A Plant  While we are in the midst of spiritual awakening, many of us are being called to our specific paths. You might find yourself becoming more and more interested in an area that would help another being and that is only natural for the Light Worker. One of the most prominent Light Working paths would be that of a healer. A healer is someone who is able to, with their hands, bring healing energies to the person in need. This type of alternative medicine can be used for physical body pains, but also emotional pains as well. A healer can touch a person or even grow and make medicinal herbs to perform the healing needed. Using herbs to heal the body is not only a form of Shamanism, but has been used for centuries all over the world. When working with plants as the medicine giver or medicine receiver, more than just your ailment will be healed; it should be done with the intentions of spiritual healing.

A recommended starting point for working with plants, medicinal herbs or alternative medicine is to get to know each and every plant. This means that you should first research everything about the plant from its origins all the way up to simple every day care. But, alternative medicine goes far beyond what we can see with our eyes. Spiritual healing through alternative medicine requires the medicine giver to know the spirit of the plant; to actually meet and get to know the Core or the True Self of the plant or life form that is being used.

To meet the Spirit of a particular plant, one can easily go on a guided meditation or astral projection. If you are familiar with Shamanism or Neo-Shamanism, there are considered to be 3 levels of existence plus the one we are in now all around us. There is our ordinary reality in which we walk daily and every person is able to experience this. In addition, there is a an Upper World directly above us where our Ascended Masters and other important guides and figures reside. Then the Middle World which looks exactly like the ordinary reality we are living in, though when you step through the veil you are able to experience the world for what it is. This is also where faeries, elves and the like would reside. Finally, in the Lower world, directly below our feet is the realm in which the spirit of earthy things reside. The Lower World is where you would find your spirit animal, learn about nature and specifically to visit the spirit of a plant.

To meet the spirit of a plant follow this simple guided meditation to take yourself to the Lower World.


STEP ONE: Cleanse your space with your cleansing tools. First, straighten up your room and fashion yourself a comfortable space to either sit or lie down. Next light a candle; a white candle with no excess wax is recommended. If you have sage, cleanse your entire room with this stopping in each of the four corners. If you are outside, cleanse the area around you. You’ll ask that you are protected and that only energies with the highest good and intention are able to come forth on your journey.

Before you begin, it is wise to know exactly what you want. Having a few questions prepared will help with the connection. Going in with a few easy questions will also help you remember your journey. Please have a notebook and pen nearby so you can journal as soon as you come out of meditation.

As you cleanse and prepare, state your purpose three times : “I am going to the Lower World to visit the spirit of [Name] Plant”

If you have already met your spirit guide or power animal you can ask that they accompany you on the journey.

STEP TWO: Settle into your comfortable position and close your eyes. You are now ready to begin. Start with a few rounds of deep breathing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the nose. Consider each part of your body and consciously allow it to relax. Imagine yourself sitting where you are through your minds eye. You may not yet be able to see with the minds eye and that is OK. Next, imagine the sun coming in through the window and slowly covering each part of your body. Feel the warmth and know that it is love and Light.

STEP THREE: Once your entire body is surrounded with the Light imagine yourself standing up in your room and walking through your house and out doors. In your minds eye, see your real house, real furniture, actually twist the door knob with your hand; see your hand. Outside walk to your nearest favorite tree. At this point, if you have asked your spirit guides or power animals to join you, they may already be there. You will either see them or just have a knowing that they are near.

STEP FOUR: Go to your tree and kindly ask that you may use her roots to visit the Lower World. Begin digging at the roots until you find yourself underground. There may be a small tunnel for you to go through. Once you are through the tunnel, you are in the Lower World. Have a look around and enjoy your experience. Each time you walk through the veil what you see may be different. But know that Spirit knows where you need to go and will never steer you wrong.

STEP FIVE: When you are ready you can ask your Spirit Guide or Spirit Animal to lead you to your intended meeting. The spirit of said plant may even come directly to you or seek you out. When you go into a meditation with intention, you send that out into Consciousness and is able to respond. Find the spirit of your plant and ask the questions you have come prepared with. Listen to what it has to say and be full of gratitude. Did you come to find out why your houseplant is sick? Did you come to learn about the plant to use it for medicine? The lessons this spirit will teach you are important. Listen, accept and be grateful.

STEP SIX: Journey home. When you are finished with your meeting return home the way you came in. You should instinctively know where to go to find your way. Come out of your tree, thank her and find your way all the way back inside. Begin to slowly move your fingers and toes, bringing consciousness to your own body. As soon as you are fully aware, write down your entire experience from beginning to end in your journal.

STEP SEVEN: Reflect on your journey and consider what you learned. Most importantly, apply that information to your life.

Getting to know the spirit of each and everything around you will help to broaden your perspective in life. It may help you to walk a little bit softer on the land, to love a bit more tender with your words. The Universal Knowledge and Full Consciousness is readily available for all of us to grasp. It is simply a matter of finding the knowledge, practicing the meditations, and being humble in your own journey.


If you have any questions or just want to chat, I am always right here and available.


Much Love To You ALL. Namaste`

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