Unconditional Joy Allows Unconditional Love

Unconditional Joy AbbeyBrowsing through some old images this morning for Facebook’s beloved Throwback Thursday #tbt, I ran across one of the happiest images I have ever taken. This image absolutely exhumes unconditional joy. The day it was taken was no extraordinary day, just a typical Upstate Spring morning when the new ‘bitties’ arrived. The joy that came from the house children that morning and many other mornings is one of my fondest memories of community living.

Having the ability to feel sincerely opens up many doors in one’s life. To feel joy, love, happiness…. Even the opposite end of the spectrum, to feel anger, to feel hurt; all brings us to an amazing ability that we as one of the smartest species on the earth wallow in daily, but often forget its power. My intention for this morning is that you become aware of feelings. Your feelings. How do you feel right now? And why is that?

Now consider the last time you really felt happy. Why did you feel that way? What was it that made you so happy, and could you have been even happier? If so, what was it that stopped you from feeling happy. This is one of those times where having a spiritual journal on hand is necessary. In my opinion, growing internally is difficult to do when you are not able to reflect on specific feelings you had at a previous time. Writing these feelings down as they happen, or as you reflect on them will allow you to look back at a later date and give you validation of your inner expansion and growth.

As you grow spiritually, one of the first and main factors that will aid you in this is your ability to be aware. Are you aware of how you are feeling right now? Did your Ego allow you to feel that way, and you didn’t realize it until you became aware that it was happening? That dasterdly Ego can be a tricky fellow. The lesson for today is that you expand your mind to become aware. Then, once you are noticing everything about everything, you might be able to feel with much more of your soul. Once you are able to feel more, you are able to love more. There is plenty of room for unconditional love, but if you aren’t able to feel with the fullest extent, then loving with the fullest extent becomes difficult.


Remember to feel in the moment, remember to live in the moment. Sometimes, happiness is just a bitty.


Love for you all.

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