Developing “Clairs” – Clairaudience

There are numerous “Clairs” that one can develop. Before we get into that, know that every person has these abilities. However, just like athletes and pinealartists, some people are more predisposed, or more developed at birth and others have to work to grow and master their skills. The Clair abilities stem from the pineal gland directly in the middle and near the base of your brain. Many of my friends in this field have grown to consider this pineal gland as our 8th Chakra. The “Connection”. I would have to agree with this. Being someone who practices constantly with chakra work, you can feel a difference when you are working with your crown chakra, third eye and pineal gland.

The most widely known Clair Abilities include:

Clairvoyance – Clear Sight – The ability to visually see a message from Spirit through the third eye.

Clairaudience– Clear Hearing – The ability to hear Spirit, through words or key phrases through the physical ear or through mental senses.

Clairempathic – Clear Emotion – Many people already have a highly developed sense of clairempathy.  This is the ability to actually feel how spirit is feeling, or even to feel ones energy in a living person. For example have you ever seen something really sad, and it just absolutely changed your mood and potentially you cried? You are not crazy or super hormonal, you’re an Empath.

Clairscent – Clear Smell – The ability to smell messages from spirit through a familiar smell. Have you ever walked into a room and smelled something that reminded you of a deceased loved one? Perhaps your Grandmothers Rose Perfume? That my friends, is neither coincidence nor an accident. It is your body’s natural ability to exhume Clairscent Skills.

Clairtangency (Clear Touch) – Clairtangency is most widely known as psychometry. This is where a reader is able to pick up impressions based on the energy they are touching with their hands. For example, I have a friend who does readings for me. When she holds something of mine that is metal, like my car keys, she has a much more enhanced and clearer message from my guides.


In my experience, the best, easiest and most thrilling Clair skill to work with is Clairaudience. What you are going to do now, is learn how to expand your inner hearing so that very soon, you will be able to hear your spirit guides speaking to you. After you are able to do that, there is no telling where Spirit might take you!

hearingTo begin: Find a comfortable place to sit or lay where you will not be disturbed by people, animals or electronics. Get a blanket and a notebook to begin journaling your experiences. Make sure the room is still and lie or sit in your chosen space. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your nose. Continue this process until your breathing becomes smooth and even. Mentally ask your spirit guides, and any Angels or loved ones you would like to connect with, for protection and to only allow messages intended for the highest good to come through.

The protection process is important: To be honest, I skipped over that a few times when I first started. For almost two weeks people screamed at me for no reason, even some random old lady at the grocery store. This was followed by terrifying dreams. After some deep reflection and conversations with Spiritualist friends, it was determined that a negative entity attached itself to me and was drastically affecting my life. So please, ask for guides for protection. I always ask them and also the Archangel Michael to come to me, cut the cords of fear and sweep them out of my space. I then ask that he fills my space with only love and light. I have done this every single time since then and have been able to remove the entity from my surroundings.

After you have found your breath and it is steady and even, focus your intention on your hearing. Listen inward first. What do you hear that is closest to you? Notice everything. Can you hear something next to your toes? Next, bring your hearing back to the area around your head. With an exhale expand your hearing once again, but this time bring it all the way to the walls around you. Is there something in the walls? Can you hear a buzz from a clock or wall fixture or even electricity running through the walls? Can you extend your hearing outdoors? What do you hear?

To expand your hearing,  mentally bring your focus and awareness to the area you want to hear. This important skill, to be in complete control of your focus, will be used for many areas of your clair-skill practices.

Now, bring your hearing from outdoors all the way back into yourself. Listen inside of your head space. What do you hear? How many different thoughts are happening?  The next skill in this practice is to see if you can turn off the thoughts that are not necessary. The repeating song verse, impressions from television, earlier conversations, random thoughts about laundry, etc. Once you begin to listen and sort through your inner thoughts, it becomes very easy to calm yourself down.

To close down your session, bring your awareness back to the area just outside of your body and slowly open your eyes and begin to move your body in small motions. It is recommended that the very next step is to journal your entire experience. This becomes a handy tool to watch your growth and progression. It is recommended to begin practicing development meditations at least once a week around the same time.

It is also recommended to practice meditations regularly for your own livelihood, health, happiness and peace. Development meditations count as meditation! Be good to yourself!

Sending love and lots of encouragement to you! Let me know if you have any questions!


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