Spirit is Everywhere; I can’t Pee


I woke up this morning feeling so happy and full of love. As I was having a cup of coffee I had a thought that struck me as so funny and borderline inappropriate that I just had to blog about it. At the same time, this is a question that I have had from folks on a regular basis. Many want to know, few want to talk about it.

When I first allowed my Psychic abilities to open I couldn’t pee. I just knew they were all watching me! Spirit is everywhere. I mean, honestly, how can they not be? These guides are with us from the second we chose to come here until we leave this plane. So clearly, they’re standing in the bathroom with me. I can’t pee. And I definitely can not have sex, not a chance. I basically want to wrap myself up in a burlap sac and stay in the corner where I won’t be embarrassed by the awesome things that humans do when no one is looking, except spirit.

I laugh and joke, but I honestly dealt with this issue for a long time. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t necessarily even like to wear shorts, you know, the modest type and then some. My experience became so intense that I would sing really loud or had to focus on anything else so I would not think about spirit while engaging in private moments. In the midst of sheer frustration while deciding on whether or not to ever shower again, I heard my guides through clairaudience (clear hearing). They first played Michael Jackson’s song “Somebody’s Watching Me”  and then I clearly heard, “Dharma we aren’t watching you. We don’t look at your physical body we look at your minds eye, your connection.”

…………aaahhhh sweet relief.

Spirit is in fact with us all the time and that is so awesome. Now, picture it like this; imagine that you are in Summerland, or the place where your spirit guides reside. Then imagine connecting with someone where we reside here on Earth. I imagine that it is quite the same. We are connected through the crown chakra, and therefore your physical body privacy is your own. I now have a great time in the shower laughing and joking with spirit. I use it as my alone time with them! Once you open your mind, your body and your spirit to spirit you might find yourself a bit gentler, a lot more humorous and full of love and light.

I hope you found this either helpful or humorous, that was my intention. Have a good one!

Dharma J

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