What To Do With Your Spirit Animal

Many people successfully join with the spirit of an animal. Though what is one supposed to do with it, once you have it? Power or Spirit Animals come to us when we need them or if we seek them out. Their purpose is to teach us life lessons, give us strength where we lack and to guide us along safe pastures. Much like our spirit guides. If you are able to go on a guided meditation to seek out your spirit animal, then you should be able to talk to them. Keep in mind, it isn’t this one particular animal that is your power animal, it is the spirit of the entire species of that animal that runs within you.

In an experience of my own I visited the Lower World on a Shamanic or Neo-Shamanic Journey. After some time into my journey the Stag walked directly up to me and spoke. He first said, “I will be your spirit animal’.  After we exchanged acknowledgements he said, “And you need to learn patience”. I heard it clear as a bell and I was just blown away. Patience is one of my biggest down falls.

From the second you meet your spirit animal it will begin to teach you lessons. And it is up to you then, to listen and apply those lessons to life. Sometimes SittingBullyour spirit animal may take you on journey’s to which you did not originally intend to go, though they are much needed in your life. In another experience, I had intended to go on a journey to the Hall of Akashic Records to ask a specific question about a new person who had entered my life. When I began my journey, I was met by Stag and he said, “Can I take you somewhere?” and of course I agreed. I was then taken on one of the most life changing journey’s I have ever experienced. He brought me to the Upper World where I was met by Sitting Bull. Yes, the actual Sitting Bull, who then made me laugh and kicked me off a waterfall. That journey was followed by at least fifteen more until the lesson Sitting Bull was trying to teach me had been taught.

When we visit the Upper World, we may run into Ascended Masters like Sitting Bull, Merlin or Mother Theresa. They aren’t our personal spirit guides, but they have something they want to teach us and it is important to listen and to be full of honest gratitude.

You can also ask your spirit animal to join you on journey’s, guided meditations and other acts of astral projection. Let us say you want to journey to the Lower World to visit the spirit of a particular plant that you believe needs some attention. It is wise to ask your power animal and your spirit guide to go with you so that you are protected, can ask questions and more importantly, get answers.

When you are filled with the spirit of an animal it is a gift, not a right. It is important to acknowledge this animal in your life and listen to the messages it wants to teach you. They do not have to stay with you, so if chose not to listen to their lessons they may stop teaching. It is important to note here a few things one should not do with a power animal. They are not pets. They do not want to be petted or hugged. Some may let you ride them, but it is with great honor and privilege that you are allowed to do so and gratitude is in order in such cases. You also should not go on a journey to ‘hang out’ with them. I tried that once and I ended up chasing him for a while until my guide told me it is because I have no reason to be with him at that time. I had other lessons to be working on.

There are so many wonderful things that the spirit of the animal can teach you. A particular animal may not stay with you forever, as you may only need to use the medicine of that animal for a particular amount of time. In which case, another spirit animal to place on your totem will arrive and you can then start to work on those lessons. Understand and know that as beings of light we are put here on purpose to learn. You start learning from the second you are born and should continue to seek education and experience until the moment you pass into the light. Throughout your life you will have the spirit and medicine of multiple animals to teach you the lessons that you are intended to learn.

I would love to learn about your spirit animals and also experiences you have had with them.


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