Please Take A Moment To Change Your Life

Please take a moment to pay careful attention. Watch and learn, love and listen. The time for awareness, consciousness and change is now. If you do not understand, please watch this short by Steve Cuts. If you are following a path of spirituality, you may find yourself inclined to share this video.

MAN: The Cruelty of Man Represented in a Cartoon

What you are about to witness most certainly shook every part of my soul and I feel an extreme sense of urgency to spread this video and I hope you can relate. Please be sure to credit the author when you do. The knowledge gained in this video ranges from pollution and air pollution, animal cruelty, animal abuse, the lack of spirituality and a ufo. My intention is that your life is forever changed. The light within me represents the light within you. As light-workers it is our purpose to shine this light upon everyone and the best way to do that is to spread knowledge. Love for us all.

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