Spirituality and Dream Interpretations

Last night I dreamed of being consumed first by fire, then by ice. Dream interpretations can awaken one spiritually and shed light upon an aspect of your life that needs attention. Dream-Widget-2When practicing spirituality your life is guided through a series of signs, symbols and lessons. It is up to you as the student to see these signs and symbols, interpret and then apply the lesson to your life. A dream interpreter is someone who is able to first, remember their dreams and secondly takes the time to educate themselves about symbols and meanings and to figure out how to apply that to life.

The first and most important lesson in dream interpretation is to remember to keep a journal! This is done for a number of reasons. First, dreams may possibly build upon one another. As your spiritual unfoldment takes place, each lesson will advance you from  your last lesson. If you can not remember your last lesson, that would make it difficult. Secondly, it is important to write your dream down before you are really awake. When you first open your eyes, before you are out of dream state grab your notebook and pen and write down every thing you remember. It helps if you keep your notebook right next to where you sleep. The more you move around and wake up, the less and less you will remember. You can also ask your spirit guides to come to you before you fall asleep and ask that you are able to remember the message.

The final step in this process is the actual interpretation. When looking at dream interpretations, the best place to look is on the internet. There are thousands of sites with different symbols and meanings and even more books. Here are a few websites that will aid you in dream interpretation:

Dream Moods

Dream Forth

Dream Bible

Below is a great video clip about dream interpretation. Sometimes, to learn the best thing we can do is listen to others opinions.

Happy Dreaming.


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  1. I really enjoyed this read.

    I have a newsletter that goes out 3 times a week, and I am wondering if I can share this article in the newsletter? I will add a trackback leading to the original here, or however you would like for me share it if I have your permission.


    1. Dharma Jane says:

      Absolutely!!! Share away my friend!


      1. Awesome! Thank you Dharma Jane.


  2. Carol Carver says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice article about the spirituality and dream interpretation and also for the dream dictionaries. Often times when I see the weird dream I check out these dream dictionary for my mind satisfaction and much more.


    1. Dharma Jane says:

      Thank you! I do that also, looking straight to dream dictionaries.

      What I attempt to write about, is my own seeking and then compile my findings.

      I’m so glad to know you!
      -Dharma J


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