Guided Meditation to View Past Lives

Past Lives   Have you ever felt like you would understand yourself better, if you only knew who you were before this life? The topic of past lives is a subject often touched upon by many in my field. However, one of the main responses that I hear sounds something like, “When I become more intuitive I will look at my past lives”, or “I am not psychic, I can’t”. I disagree my friends! Every person has the ability to find out about themselves, and every person has a team of spiritual guides on their side to help them get it done.

In efforts to provide spiritual tools to all of you, I am now going to present you with a guided meditation to go to the Hall of Aksahic Records to view your Past Lives….

To begin, secure your meditation space so that it is free of interruption from people, animals or technology. Relieve yourself and make sure you drink at least a glass of water. Also, prepare a notebook and pen so you can write your experience down as soon as you come out of meditation. Cleanse your space with a grounding incense, sage or another cleansing tool. If you are a practicing Shaman (Neo-Shaman), this can be done with a rattle and or drum. Otherwise, simply sage your space. As you are doing this, go around to all four corners of the room and around each door and window with your cleansing tool. State your purpose aloud three times and begin to breathe deeply through your nose and exhale through your nose.

Your purpose should sound something like, : “I intend to visit the Hall of Akashic Records to see a past life, with the permission of the Elders.”

Find a comfortable place to sit down within the room, close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. As you  move inward, begin to see a radiant white light, the light of love from the universe entering your space and surrounding your body with love, light and protection.

Once your body is completely surrounded, imagine that you are on a dirt pathway surrounded by a meadow. To the North you can see a forest and to the right of that you see a large overgrown ivy fence. Look back in front of you and notice a well. Walk up to the well, will yourself to spill all of your negative emotions into a large ball, pull the negative ball from  your body and drop it into the well. As you walk away from the well, set your intentions to leave all your negative emotions, thoughts and feelings there. They are not welcome on this journey.

Walk up the path, and see what you can see. How clear is it? Do you notice the pebbles, can you see your feet? What are you wearing? Do you have anything with you?

Walk up to the ivy fence, turn right and feel your hand along the fence. You may notice doors along the way. Look inside, but don’t walk through, just poke your head in and see what is in there. When you get to the door that has a garden behind it, step inside. Announce that you are here to view a past life in the Hall of Akashic Records and you would like permission to pass the garden and enter the building.

If the Elders feel you are ready, someone, potentially an Angel will come and get you. Or a door might open. Look around and notice everything. Something will happen. However, if you attempt to get through and it remains silent, you feel rejected or you can’t see a way out, you may not be allowed in yet and that is okay. The Elders and  your guides may want you to see other parts of your spiritual self before you see past lives. Accept their answer graciously and with gratitude, whatever it may be.

If you are granted a pass inside, you will notice a large building made of marble or smooth stone. You might see other people inside looking at their own records and it will seem very much like a real library. There are two ways to see your answer. Your guide, an angel or your intuition might lead you to a room of books that belong to you. If this happens you will be given the books you need and by way of looking at them, you will receive your answer. You may not ask for a second purpose once inside.

The second way to see is by way of the viewing tables set up in the middle of the room. They are large round tables with a bubble on the top and wrapped in gold. You will walk up to the table and when you are ready find the green button, push it and look inside the bubble. What you will see may or may not shock you. Push the red button to stop.

Be sure to thank everyone who helped you, they will hear you. Find your way out of the building, through the garden, and back down the path. As you are walking down the path begin to breathe deeply and regain focus on your physical body. Sit for a moment and regain awareness.

The very next thing you should do is write down your entire experience. And then close down your space and open your doors.

Then, tell me how it went for you because I am so excited to hear about it! I hope this information helps you and again I am so happy to know you. And please feel free to contact me again, I love to hear confirmations and success stories!

Will be speaking with you soon, blessings to you and yours.

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