Spirit Animals Are Around You

Spirit Animals
Look Around. Your Spirit Animal is There.

Our theme this week is spirit animals or power animals. In previous posts, I explained what power animals are and how to go and seek one via a Shamanic Journey. In this instance, I would like to expand on the subject and ask that you open  your eyes to the world around you. Are you seeking your spirit animal? Do you want to know what it is? Well then, your first step is to become aware. If you are searching for your spirit animal, then you must start to connect with all animals. You can begin right now.

Do you have animals at home? Instead of treating them as pets, begin to engage with them as kindred spirits. Many animal lovers already do this without knowing, but to do it consciously takes effort. When you see a reaction from  your animal, you will know that you have made a connection. Next, you can move on to other animals or insects. You can begin to interact with anything that has life.

Now that you are considering all animals and you are noticing them every where you go, start to notice if there is any particular animal that repeatedly appears in  your life. It does not have to be the physical animal that shows up. It can be an image, something on television, a story, someone talking about the animal, anything of the sort it doesn’t matter. If you begin to see an animal coming into your life more than four times you can consider that animal to be your power animal or spirit animal and place it on your animal totem.

You might also notice that you have characteristics or personalities of a particular animal. For example, for someone who has the power animal of a deer might prefer brown clothing and stay hidden or indoors often. Or a person who has a spirit animal of a fox might be known for getting out of tricky situations.

Look around you, isn’t the world beautiful? What animals are drawn to you, what animals are you drawn to?

Here’s to you finding your power animal! Love and peace to all and all you hold dear.


What Is My Spirit Animal

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  1. lewism238 says:

    I am constantly searching for my power animal. My love for animals is pure because I believe that death is a new beginning in a different body. Whether that body be a human or in a bird. I have had connections with my dogs that have led me to have this idea of animals and reincarnation. Animals have done extraordinary things, they have personalities and keep the energy circulating. I could not agree more, love animals and they will love you!


  2. That is so true~! I have recently had an interaction with a spider whom I have named Charlotte, super original I know. She kept showing up on my window sill, but not just showing up, she would literally walk (creep) up almost to my desk and stare at me. This happened many times until finally I took the hint and did a bit of research on spiders as power animals.

    My Findings;
    Creative, Feminine Energy: which was amazing, because she comes while I write

    But at the same time, she shows us the shadow of ourselves. Often times, my spider will appear when I am mentally beating myself up or being in a depressed mood. The shadow of ourselves shows us who we don’t want to know.

    Animals (and other critters) and their meanings are powerful. I absolutely love this topic.


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