Are Americans Greedy on Black Friday, Or Thrifty Unconditional Givers?

'Merica on Black FridayStarting as early as Wednesday night, Americans all across the nation have been camping out at the nearest large chain store hoping to be first in line to catch the biggest deals of the season. From every angle in the media we see images and headlines portraying this holiday season as being won over by American greed.  However, in practicing daily acts of mindfulness, could we not consider that Americans are not being greedy, but rather extremely giving? Now before I move forward I want to mention that there are absolutely a select group of people who take this too far, and said people are the the ones who are glorified by the media, thus proving the argument of American greed. To this select group I do not condone the actions nor do I chose to comment on their behaviors.

My focus is on the mindfulness of shoppers, mamas & papas who want their babes to have everything their little hearts desire, but at the same time keep the lights on. If there is anything you take away from what you see, feel or read today consider this; are these people who are so fiercely shopping doing it because they are greedy, or are they doing it because they are so excited about giving? Unconditional giving is when you feel a complete sense of joy from giving to someone else and expecting nothing in return. If you look at the bigger picture, how many of these shoppers do you know are out shopping to purchase items for themselves? In my experience, not many.

After your day of shopping, people watching, online shopping or working amidst the madness, perhaps a nice calming guided mediation would be just the ticket to round out your evening. Understand that we should not judge others for their need to shop until their hearts drop. Instead, find simple holiday joy and chuckle with warmth at the sheer competitive nature within some. Allow others to do as they will and do as you will and harm none. Your mindfulness in this situation will ultimately bring you peace after such a hectic day.

As we work together on our journey towards spirituality, we should incorporate unconditional giving as part of our daily regimen. There are other ways to include an unconditional aspect into your daily life. You can unconditionally help someone; help someone without calling in a favor later. Unconditionally love; love fabcnews.go.comor the sake of loving, even if they never love you back. Unconditionally receive; this is a hard one for a lot of people, but you can accept things without feeling the need to repay the debt! Have you ever been told it is hard to give you a compliment? For some people, receiving things from others is an incredibly difficult task.

As your spiritual self grows so should your thought processes about judging others. There is never a better day to start than today. So friends, are we judging others for what they are doing today, even if they are super hardcore about it? Nope! We love them, and we hope that whoever receives that present loves it as much as the giver loves them! And might I just mention one more thing…. If you look closely at any of these pictures or images on a search engine, these shoppers are SMILING! Just look at how much fun they’re having! We should love them for having fun, love them for loving to give and love them for being them.

Happy Week of Thanks & Giving My Friends.

Love to You All.

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