An Experiment on Words of Love

Love to Find Love

Your spiritual mind and body changes just as the phases of the moon. If you haven’t ever taken a moment to notice how your life changes as the moon shifts and rotates, it might surprise you once you become aware of it. Just before our last full moon on November 17th, I was feeling an extremely hard emotional pull for the entire week beforehand. All I could think about all week is that I wanted to feel the love, and I wanted to spread love, give it and get it. I am on a journey of self improvement and a big part of being able to get love, is being able to give it.

While I was feeling down and out, thanks to the deep mystical workings of astrology and the unknown, I put my foot down and made self love my number one priority. I tried something and the results I got were astonishing. I literally felt warm and fuzzy all day, I think I even cried once or twice. Full of love, was I. I am going to explain my little experiment to you and I ask that you try it as well, because I think it will change your life or maybe it will be uplifting for someone close to you.

The experiment is simple. Log onto your personal Facebook account and type this into your status:

“Like my status and I’ll tell you my favorite thing about you”

The results I got were amazing. What I did here was simple. I simply asked people to ask me for a compliment. For the sake of my friends privacy, I won’t post any screen shot’s here, but I will post some of the comments and their reactions (with names edited out).

Feeling Like Sending Out the Love today! Like My Status and I’ll Tell You My Favorite thing about youfeeling Lyrical & Appreciative.
…: My favorite thing about you is your attitude. You seriously are the most down to earth, well-rounded individual, full of grace and gratitude, willingness and a hell of a lot of strength. Not to mention, a full blown like minded hippie with as much excitement and passion for that thang as I have. Love you.
… :I love it that we’re cousins. I hate it that you beat me at the singing competition at whatever vacation we went to. LOL. I love it that we look alike, and it makes me smile that we will know each other our whole lives. I also Love how you open and outwardly love your family, which is also my family. It’s a beautiful thing, and so are you, sister cousin!
My favorite thing about you was that you were my absolute best friend senior year in HS. And that you got to experience my awesome apartment Sr. year w/ me and Good ol’ …. and sometimes ….. We loved orange, photography and Sugaree. And I love it that you are still that same cool girl with the Lisa Lobe glasses and same kick ass attitude. It’s also the reason I love Facebook, it brings back all the important memories you think you loose when you move states. My favorite thing about you is that you are you, and that you were there and that we had awesome times together!
wow. My favorite thing about …. Yikes, how about pretty much every single thing! Never in my life have I met another person who is as genuinely good and kind and honest as this girl. From the first second I met you, I could just tell that you were one of a kind. Your whole family, in fact. Such a wonderful and blessed group of people, it is such a privilege to have been able to get to know you, and to have been able to know …. You absolutely radiate goodness and positivity and I just love that about you. And I miss you, very much.
My favorite thing about …. is our eerily similar love of the best music on the planet. I know that if I am up late night I can find this girl and rock out all night to the best hits from, literally like the 40’s to now. AND I love your passion for Religion and the written word. Lyrical, you are. Writer, you must be. Marshallitan!
Aww… I miss you too!! Thanks for the pick-me-up!
My favorite thing about you …… is that you have always held me in such high regard. You have always been positive and kind with your words toward me, and though we never have really gotten a chance to hang out, I have always felt blessed to know that I have had someone like you in my life who has stood up for me, and been as kind as you. You are simply, awesome.
There are a lot of things about you that are my favorite! First and foremost, your rockin’ mustache`. Nobody can rock it like you can, friend! It’s seriously amazing, you should be nominated for an award. Second, I love your mandolin and the amazing sounds you can make with such a tiny instrument. Its inspiring, really. And another thing I love about you, is your Green Thumb Wisdomry….Although I don’t comment much, I soak in all of your tips and tricks on raised gardens, canning and all of the important and earthy things that you have so cleverly mastered and I thank you for that. Cheers and hugs
My favorite thing about ….. is your deep and fascinating knowledge about stones… and all that Geology stuff, lol. And further more, your similar tastes in role playing games, literature, movies and so on. To sum it up, my favorite thing about you, is that you are just like me! Ha ha. I kid, I kid. Actually, the things I love about you most are that you consistently go after what you are interested in and that you follow a path that excites you. I also love that you love your babies, and I think that is wonderful, and so are you
Wellllll ……. Bells! My dear soul sister, confidant, … associate, doggie in-law, forever house mate and sweet friend. My favorite thing about you, is everything about you. I have never lived with a person before that I was actually extremely excited every time they came home, until I met you. For an entire year I shared my life with you, laughs, love, tears, space, animals, music, drinks, art and a whole lot of craziness, and my favorite part about it is that I got to share that experience with you. You are so amazing and there’s something about you that is simply contagious. I just love you to pieces.
My favorite thing about you is that you are so positive. I love getting on Facebook every day just to see what positive thing you have to say.  I have been able to see the extreme amount of talent that you possess in every ounce of your being. You are following your calling, and even though it is tiring and hard, you are fulfilling yourself, and that is a beautiful thing my friend, and I admire that about you.
Thank you, Amy! I feel the same about you! That was so nice, it gave me butterflies
You know what I love about you man?! I love how you love and I love how you love your music. There is no question, when it comes to you, what is important to you because you stand up for it and you are strong, and independent, and extremely talented! I have been honored to watch you rock out and connect with my guy and make some really awesome music, and you and I both have had some really great times rockin out right in my living room. I love it that you love what you love and you love it hardcore. That’s metal.
awwww, shucks, you’re just a ‘well spring’ of positive pluses today!!! thank you very much-and I’ll never shave a whisker!!!
Omgosh thank u so much
This was such a great idea!! Nice to see such positive thoughts and posts
Thanks Amy! You must have sensed a lot of us out there needing a little pick-me-up! Just so you know, I have always appreciated your effusive as and effervescence! It is delightfully contagious! And I too, love our late night music talks as well as GOT discussions! Marshallitan!!!
The post continued on for roughly 30 more comments, but you get the point here. It started to be contagious, and some of my friends started to do it on their pages too. For roughly three days, my Facebook circle was a mushy gooshy love nest of happiness. Simply because I put it out there that I wanted to love. Hey friends! I love you! Would you like me to tell you how much? I can honestly say that I was affected, and I was affected enough to want to share it with all of you here.
If you should choose to try this experiment, please do share your results here. Did you find that your friends had and overall happier attitude on their profiles? Did you feel happier after writing so much love? Did you feel yourself speaking kinder about everything around you after thinking about only good things about people all day?
It’s a good experiment, you should try it.
And you know what? I love you, too.

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