Self Love To Change Your Life

You have heard it for decades, people preaching about peace and love. Spread the love, spread kindness, fill your heart with peace and joy. But, have you ever stopped to think about what that really means, or what would happen if you were to really do that? I am currently editing the section of my newest title, Yoga: Lifestyle for the Living on incorporating
Mahatma Gandhi

Yogic knowledge into social situations and wanted to expand on that subject a bit here. In order to really find your inner self, to really be able to experience spirituality in this ordinary world we live in, we need to expel the negativity that comes with this ordinary. And to do that, we need to be able to open ourselves to love in every moment and every situation.

So, in order to create a positive change in our lives, the first thing we should do is start to let in love. First start to notice that things are beautiful. Not just pretty, but really beautiful. Take a look around at nature, what do you see? Look at your family that created you and the one you created (if applicable). Look at your home and the things that are important to you. Find the beauty in them and say words of love about these things, out loud. They are really beautiful, they are so great, this is amazing, I am full of love. When you begin to confirm to yourself that you are allowing love in, you will, and you will start to feel it physically. You might even cry, and that is okay. Purging is always good.

Then, go ahead and take a long look in the mirror. An important step in self improvement and change is self love. To love others, to feel love and to accept love, you have to be able to love yourself, unconditionally and wholly. Look into the mirror and begin to notice how beautiful you are, forget everything you or anyone else have ever told you about yourself. Look at yourself with new eyes; eyes that are willing to accept love. Express the deep words of love that you have always longed to hear, except, say them to yourself. You know what you need to hear, and only you can heal your soul. So say it. Make yourself feel good. Love yourself, and really, really feel it.

This isn’t going to happen for you overnight. But, as you begin to try these exercises, you will begin to notice things happening for you as you change your life. As you conciously put positive out, positive will be attracted to you. It’s science. As you move forward the next step is to send the love out. The next time you leave your house and go into public, make it a conscious effort to smile the entire time. But, not a fake, constipated smile. Be genuine. You’ve spent all day thinking about the beauty of everything that surrounds you and filled your heart full of love and joy, now go into public and smile about it. As you notice passerby’s, you’ll feel their moods lighten and change and you yourself will be uplifted. Positive attitudes and energies are contagious. Have you ever been around someone who giggles, or has a really funny laugh and you can’t help yourself but to laugh right along with them? It’s the same concept. It’s also the same concept with negative energy. If you find yourself around a person or group of people who stir up drama or talk negatively, you’ll find that it spreads like wildfire; along with seemingly bad luck, negative auras, and dwindling relationships.

If you want to change your life in positive ways, being to feel self love and really start to see self improvement, then consciously be aware of how much love your are incorporating in every way in every  moment. You will start to see a positive change.

Have a beautiful Saturday.

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  1. Peace starts in my own heart.


  2. Yes it does. I love this. ❤


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