What is my Spirit Animal?

For years I questioned What is  my spirit animal? Recently I found that another term for this is Power Animal. I have had this post in draft for a long time because I really didn’t RedStagknow if I was ready to talk about it or not. But, here goes. I am not here to teach you how to find your Power Animal, but rather to tell you how awesome it is once you do. I have recently experienced the pleasure of meeting my Power Animal, and he is beautiful.

Throughout many cultures across the globe animal totems have been incorporated into their spiritual beliefs since the beginning of time. When you connect with these animals, they are supposed to bring you power and support in the areas you need them most, and also to bring you wisdom and knowledge about yourself. I will do my best to find the best resources to deepen our research on spirit animals. If any readers out there know of any good links or resources, please leave them here! I am excited to learn more and would love a good read today.

UPDATE (November 18, 2013) : After writing this post, I came into contact with fellow blogger Andy who lead me to a post he wrote on Power Animals. His post is amazing, and pretty much sums up what I am trying to explain here in a concise, educated and easy to understand manner.

The Importance of Power Animals in Contemporary Western Shamanism


by Andy Groggel, M.A. and Erica Christenson

The past four decades have seen a blossoming of non-native individuals offering to guide groups through shamanic experiences using the practices of core shamanism (ala Michael Harner). Core shamanism emerged from an assertion made by Anthropologists and academics that any one could access the altered states of consciousness (ASC) necessary for ones soul to travel to the spirit world, commonly referred to as the shamanic journey or soul journey. Read More…………………….

Thanks for the great post Andy! I learned some amazing things and tried a few of your techniques and got great results!

Here are some great links for researching Spirit or Power Animals:


AnimalSpirits.com  <– Preferred

There are many ways to find your power animal. You can use resources on the internet, but I prefer to use books to find my answers. My best route was to use Shamanic Journeying to meet my spirit animal. However, if you are more comfortable with guided meditation, or perhaps you notice an animal that gravitates to you often. I read a few books with opposing opinions on how to determine your power animal. One says they are around you in the ordinary reality others say they find you in the non ordinary.   When you reach an impasse` in spirituality, you could refer to what I said yesterday about doing what excites your soul. If it firmly excites you to feel like your power animal is one that literally knocks on your window in this reality, then by all means, feel empowered by that animal. Draw power and energy from everything that empowers you! Everything that makes you feel good, let it!

Here is a guided mediation to meet your power animal.

I am still reading and learn about how to connect and to get a deeper relationship with my power animal. If any readers out there have advice or questions, please share! Also, if you have had any experiences or journey’s, I’d like to hear about those as well!

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  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for a great post, Amy! The power animal is an important ally to have in life, no matter your spiritual or religious proclivity. If using the shamanic journey method for connecting to it (a method I use a lot as a shamanic practitioner), I recommend using these easy steps. 1. Call in sacred space–this looks different for everyone, but call upon the divine to help you travel safely to the spirit world. 2. Cleanse your aura with sage, cedar, or an essential oil you like. 3. Sit or lay in a comfortable position breathing deeply and relaxing (if you practice yoga, think pranayama). 4. Put on the drumming track for journeying. 5. After the journey write down your experience. 6. Let go of expectations! We often want our first experiences in the spirit world to be earth shatteringly brilliant. Trust that you are having exactly the experience you need. ENJOY!


  2. Thanks for your comment Andy, these are great tips! Do you have a link to any specific drum track that you like, or that has worked well in your experiences?

    Also, thanks for noting about taking the time to WRITE DOWN your experiences! So many things can happen on a journey, it is important to write the memory down when it is fresh.

    Good to know you!


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