Follow What Excites Your Soul

As an avid Facebook user, I often find myself “liking” pages that I find inspirational. While browsing through my news feed this morning I was stopped on an image that called to me personally, and I wanted to share it with readers here.


The reason this image is important is because it shouts to the soul and to the waking conscious the follow your gut instinct. Have you ever tried something new and just been so amazed by it that you wanted to do it again almost immediately? You could most likely categorize that as something that excites your soul! This is not coincidence, it is the awaking of your inner self.

When you feel really good about something that you are doing and it excites you, it is important to turn off your Ego. The Ego does not refer to you as being cocky or arrogant, but rather the you that is here and in the ordinary and not the higher you that is spiritual you. The Ego is the voice of distraction in your mind. Refer to the post on Meditation (Turning It Off To Turn It On)   

In this post, I show you how to do a clearing meditation and to turn off all distractions. The distractions, the other things that come into your mind, is the Ego. The Ego in itself is such huge topic that an entire book could be written. So, for now take away this, when you feel good about something, you should follow your gut instinct because it is not only primal, but it is spiritual. You may have blocks that convince you not to follow or respond to such a calling. When, as we see from this amazing inspirational image and message from Rumi, One should respond to every call that excites your spirit. Imagine how much more excitement you could feel if you follow it even further!

When you being to respond to things that excite you consider if they will bring you peace, joy and happiness first. Monetary rewards should be considered a perk, later. Do things for the sake of your soul, and nothing more. If you have never done a little soul searching before, you might be surprised to find what calls you. The search can be an adventure in itself.

I was inspired this morning, and I felt like sharing my inspiration with you. Follow what calls you, and don’t look back!

Have an awesome Thursday.

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