Making Your Chilren Their Own Space

bedroom ideas
bedroom ideas

Every person needs their own space; a place where they can just be themselves. And this includes very small people. Our beloved children also need their own space. The best place we can give this space to them is in their bedroom. Giving children their own special place within their bedroom does not have to include expensive bedroom furniture or even full bedroom sets. In fact great bedroom ideas can be created from mismatched items found at your local second-hand store or garage sale.

Today, I started the process of creating a new space for my daughters. They have always had their own room, but since we moved to New York, I have not really made it special. So, I asked them what they wanted and they each wanted to be together, but also to have some room to be apart, and also to have room for art. If I wasn’t in the need for a new set of frames for the girls, I would not have bought them a new bed for this project. But because their old set of bunk beds had seen one to many moves, a new pink bunk bed set was purchased. Purchasing kids furniture was the largest expense for the entire project.

The rest of my expenses included:

Paint, Thread and a needle, Baskets from a second hand store, spray paint, chalk

One wall was painted completely in chalk board paint, while the rest of the room was painted in a fresh coat of their favorite color. The rest of the room was organized in baskets that I purchased for .25c a piece from the local second hand store. I then spray painted those baskets in different colors and organized their books and toys in those baskets.

Aside from the bedroom furniture, which was a must needed expense which all parents run into from time to time, creating a special place for my children cost less than $50. I was able to re-use many items. And I also found that I was able to re-present some of their old toys in a way that they took interest in them again.

The picture attached to this blog is not their room, but is the picture that got me interested in the chalkboard paint. To be honest, the girls were drawing on the walls anyway. As soon as I got my oldest daughter to stop that habit, my middle child started doing it. So now, if they are going to do it, at least they have a designated place on material that will stand up to their extended art sessions!

Making a space for your children doesn’t have to be expensive, but should definitely be a priority. You don’t even have to go as far as painting and making curtains. Perhaps you can make them a fort, or a special corner in a room somewhere, in your home. The main point here is that although the entire family shares the home, there should be one place in the house that reflects the individuality of your child. It should make him or her feel happy, special and safe to be there and it could even be a bondign experience for you to build it together.

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