Calming Your Wee-Ones After a Night of Candy Coated Fun

Halloween is one of our children’s most beloved holidays. At the turn of the seasons, small children begin to formulate great ideas for fantastical costumes of their greatest desires. All to go door-to-door begging for a bag full of candy coated goodness. We love watching our children have the fun, and even more watching the ups and the downthanksgiving-diy-beans-candles-pumpkinss that accompany ingesting high quantities of sugar. But, as this Halloween this year is on a school night, how do we get our children to calm down before bed, especially after all that sugar?

One of the quickest and most effective ways to calm a human body is to consume it in warm water. On this chilly October night, after walking around outside for a few hours, a warm bath might be just the ticket to start the calming process in your little ones. So, even though they are excited and chilly, we will embrace the joy of their holiday and first get them warmed up.

Another way to gather your little punkin’s for the evening is to come together in a circle and go through all of the candy together and have a nice long chat about all of the things you liked about Halloween. Also talk about what you noticed about the change in the seasons and how beautiful it is when the leaves change. There is nothing more relaxing and more peaceful than enjoying a moment with your children. Notice that these exercises are meant to calm your children, but at the same time can be quite meditative for the caregiver as well.

There are many timeless Halloween stories that can be told to children of all ages on this night. From religious to fictitious stories from cultures all across the globe, this night has been on the lips of many for centuries. The only way to pass on traditions and stories is by telling the stories to our children. And by settling our little ones down and asking them to listen to us speak in a soothing voice, calms them and lulls them into a peaceful sleep.

And lastly, a glass of warm milk by bedside and a kiss on the forehead will allow you wee-one to rest peacefully and remember this Halloween forever as happy and free of chaos and clutter.


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