Hot Yoga, Cold Day

Happy end of October! And my, oh my, is it cold in Upstate New York. It is so beautiful this time of year, but sometimes it makes it hard for me to stay involved with a deep yoga practice. For those of you who don’t know, my name is A. Dharma Ferrell, Publisher, Author and most important; Yoga Instructor. I have been teaching Yoga since I was 18 years old, many moons ago and it is prominent in my daily life. I started this blog so I can share my extensive knowledge with those who are seeking and we can grow in our practice together. If you are looking for all things what is yoga, then you have come to the right place!

Yoga Postres
What is Hot Yoga?

Now, for the nitty-gritty… How do you  make yourself do yoga when it is cold? Well then let me ask you this, what is hot yoga? Hot yoga is amazing, that’s what it is!

First and foremost, I am someone who can cuddle up  next to a fireplace or heater and be completely satisfied for a long time. And while that does help to create heat in the body, it doesn’t do much for the actual stretching, burning calories, calming the mind-stuff part. So, I started doing Hot Yoga routinely in the winter. Hot Yoga is essentially any kind of yoga, in a room where the temperature is heated to at least 100*F. There are plenty of teachers who do this specialty in a gym, but you can absolutely do this at home with the doors/windows closed and a space heater.

(My Fancy Disclaimer) – Folks, don’t be silly. If you don’t feel right or start to get dizzy, then stop!!!!!! It is always the best  to attempt new practices under a trained professional.

The Yoga Postures you do in a Hot Yoga session can vary. However, it is always advised to balance out your practice. What this means, if you do a forward bend then you should do a back bend and if you stretch to the left, you should then stretch to the right.

When  its cold or your body has a chill, the best way to warm it up is through a combination of deep breathing and also through a series of yoga postures.

With the growth of this blog, I plan to incorporate video and tutorials on how to do each of these things. Until then, Google is your best friend. Everything you need to know you will be able to find there.

After you do roughly 20 minutes worth of breath and practice, make yourself some warm tea, and notice the extreme differences in your mood, body temperature and over all well being.

Notice the length of time that was mentioned. Only 20 minutes? But, aren’t most yoga classes supposed to be an hour? Yes! But, this isn’t a yoga class. Yoga is SO much more than just a fitness class. And it can be incorporated into every single aspect of your life. Even just getting warm! So in short, doing Hot Yoga is good for you and will definitely get you warm. But, so will deep yogic breath, a few balanced yoga postures, and an awesome cup of Organic Herbal Tea.

Have a wonderfully chilly October morning.

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