Songs For Star Signs

Happy Sunday Friends! This morning over coffee I thoroughly entertained myself by really embracing the dreamy, Neptune nature of Pisces. I spent some time searching for a song that best represents each zodiac sign. If you have any suggestions for the next round, comment below!

Tarot by Zodiac

Enjoy monthly tarot card readings on my YouTube Channel DharmaJane8 ! They are set up to read the energy of your sun sign, though it is sometimes helpful to watch the video for your moon, rising and Venus signs as well.

How To Meet Your Spirit Guide

In a recent reading I felt inclined to introduce my friend to her spirit guide. At that time her guide Chastity said to me, “Thank you for doing this.” To be honest, I was blown away. In fact, almost every time I do a reading I am blown away. When your veil is lifted and…

Guided Meditation to View Past Lives

   Have you ever felt like you would understand yourself better, if you only knew who you were before this life? The topic of past lives is a subject often touched upon by many in my field. However, one of the main responses that I hear sounds something like, “When I become more intuitive I…

Find Your Spirit Animal

Shamanic Journey It has been quite an exciting week here at Following Dharma and with that, I have decided to expand upon what most readers are looking for: What is My Spirit Animal? Thousands have come this week to find out, therefore the only thing I can do is to show you how. Through my…

Extended Readings Have Arrived!

Greetings to my loyal subscribers, you asked for it and now it is here. Featuring “Vimeo On Demand” Extended Weekly Tarot Card and Fairy Oracle Readings! Videos go live EVERY Saturday at 6:00 (EST).

Pick A Card Tarot

Have you ever wondered, who is coming towards me? Who is my soulmate? Who is my twin flame? What are they thinking about me?

Tarot – The Fool

A simple boy and his dog, embracing the warmth of the sun, happy and ready for whatever life brings him. He is ready to step out into the world, possibly without considering if he is ready or not.

Veil Walker

A Veil Walker is one who can freely travel through all planes of existence.

Exciting News For Empaths, LightWorkers & the Newly Awakening!

Friends! I am so entirely happy to be returning to Following Dharma! It has been quite an interesting two years since the last time I wrote publicly. I have a good reason though! I have been writing the book that you all have been asking for, for years! It is in its final stages and…

Modern Vampires : Energivores

There has been much hype over vampires since the dawn of literature. From the classic “Dracula” all the way to today’s sparkling boyfriends of the dark. However, if you look at the vampire culture, we can actually say they still exist. Original vampires are said to drain the life force of their victim; throughout history…

Visiting the Spirit of A Plant

  While we are in the midst of spiritual awakening, many of us are being called to our specific paths. You might find yourself becoming more and more interested in an area that would help another being and that is only natural for the Light Worker. One of the most prominent Light Working paths would…

The Moment of Unfoldment : Experiences in Spirituality

My journey into spiritualism started as a young child with the smell of Nag Champa. I grew up in many different upper middle class suburbs with super right-winged conservative, extremely Catholic parents and this smell was not something that we kept around any of our abodes. We moved about every 2-4 years of my life…